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if i am ice
all the rain boils over my shoulders tho
but if i am powerless
to be touched by even nothing
a vibration inside a sickness etc.
who digs so many holes
aerth becomes off white dust
we skid our noses across a dead jungle
this is the cement tomb
w nothing to roll away
i am gross and in charge of it
shaping the chambers that line my skull bone
i will lick dirt road off a strangers car
stand in any ditch as an under age drinker
who am i
music is making me sad
i am skimming through my swollen brain
hope i dont resay what i should not have said
i didnt want to eat the fat of animals
but he made me
i am a train car of vomit
heading toward the least populated town
oh yes humans i hope

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deactivating all social media because you’re depressed and lonely, feeling so depressed and lonely that you reactivate everything three weeks later, feeling even more depressed and lonely having it back

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(Digital collage), 2014 Ibon Mainar


(Digital collage), 2014 Ibon Mainar

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